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The Perrier Square is a unique projet. The kind of opportunity that rarely comes around but is welcomed with opened arms. The owner of a residential lot located at 322 Perrier avenue approached the Vanier Community Service Centre (Vanier CSC) with the idea of offering his piece of property to the community.  

This lot has been vacant for a couple months and it will stay vacant for another three years. It’s during these three years that the Vanier CSC will be able to develop a multifunctional site that will be used for the purpose of hosting various community activities. Follow the progress and consult the programing on the Perrier Square social media platforms and under the calendar tab (upper right corner)

We are aiming to have the site fully functional by June 2019. For more information, contact jrousseau@cscvanier.com



Our 2nd edition of the Vanier Community Resources Booklet is finally ready! 

Click here 


The market Mobile is now at the Vanier Community Service Centre

The Market Mobile is a grocery on wheel selling fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. Come visit the Market Mobile in the parking lot of 270 Marier ave. on October 2nd,16th and the 30th from 5:30-6:30 pm.

Partage Vanier looking for volunteers

The Partage Vanier Food Bank is presently looking for volunteers for various tasks. For more information, please contact Sylvie at 613-744-2892 x 1073 or by email at scarriere@cscvanier.com.


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