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Vanier Community Association

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We envision a community that is recognized and celebrated as a diverse, inclusive and safe place where individuals and families thrive--where residents work together to maximize the inherent potential of the community and recognize Vanier’s rich history.

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The objectives of the Vanier Community Association are to establish and operate a Community Association for the purposes of :
Leading the on-going development of the Association;
Promoting the best interests of the community;
Acting as a voice for the membership and the community as a whole;
Organizing workshops, programs, or events for the benefit of the membership and citizens of Vanier;

Collaborating with other community organizations.  

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Respect community wisdom and heritage;
Encourage citizen involvement;
Provide non-partisan leadership;
Reflect the diversity of Vanier and conduct its business in both official languages.




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The Executive Board

President: Lauren Touchant, vca.acv@gmail.com 

Vice President: Neal McCarten 

Treasurer: John Gomes 

Communications Officer: Samantha Strath 

Membership Officer: Crystal Dixon 


Other Board members:

Jennifer McSporran
Chris Greenshield 
Nicole McRae 
Suzanne Lepine 
Gisèle Bouvier
Peter Kucherepa 

Minutes of meetings:




Become a member of the association :   

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All Board meetings are open to the public.


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Map of the Vanier area :  Map

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To contact us : by email at vca.acv@gmail.com or by mail at Vanier Community Service Centre 290 Dupuis Street, Vanier Ontario K1L 1A2




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